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                         About Us

Our fabrication and welding shop builds lumber decks and roll cases. We also have board edgers brought in for general re-builds and upgrades. I have the knowledge to help you start your mill from the ground up, or restore efficiency with your current equipment that has been lost over time. I examine a few mills each month and observe very different approaches to lumber manufacturing.

For more information, find us on LinkedIn and Facebook @Jeff Miller inc. or subscribe to our YouTube channel @AccuraCut.

I also have a variety of sawmill machinery and equipment for sale. Financing options are available by copying & pasting the following link into your web browser.

                 Mill Construction

Jeff Miller Inc. offers a different approach to mill construction. Instead of bringing in a crew of workers to build your project, we work with local suppliers and current employees to get the work done. We feel it's best if the same people that will be running the mill help to build it. Many projects/ builds begin with people having almost no prior experience in steel fabrication, but by the end of the build, anyone who has applied themselves is now capable of doing most of the functions of a good mill maintenance person. This will not only reduce the labor cost of mill construction, but also how it will reduce the amount of downtime in the future! This has made us unique in the saw mill construction industry - Our goal is to help you reduce the overall daily cost of lumber production when 6-8 guys put their shoulder to the down-time wheel. It is my promise to perform at my personal best and to reply to your questions in a timely manner. 

Other services offered include:

  • Saw Mill Layout Development                                                              
  • Sawmill Equipment Re-Building
  • On-Site Installation Supervision
  • Hands On Project Management
  • Flow/Piece Count Analysis
  • Machine Start-Up - Hydraulic/Electrical Parameters
  • Maintenance Management/Generate Preventative Schedules
  • Good Operator Training (Well written job descriptions)
  • Optical Alignment for Tracks, Edgers, Carriages, Band Mills & Line Bars, Trimmer Alignment. We use an engineers Jig Transit made by Brunson and a precision laser.

              AccuraCut Saw Monitor

A patented Blade Deviation Detection System is available that will save your saw mill thousands of dollars per month, while also reducing tension between saw filers and saw operators. The brand name of this blade deviation detection system is the "AccuraCut Saw Monitor." This monitor can detect a wide variety of issues your saw may be experiencing such as: excessive feed speeds, guide wear & misalignment, trash build-up on wheels or blades, development of cracks or unexpected dulling, and much more. There is additonal information on these monitors on these pages: Blow the Whistle on Mis-Cut Lumber, and AccuraCut Deviators.

Interested in installing a new saw arbor or edger arborJeff Miller Inc. recommends and installs a better arbor design built by Troyer Brothers ( They have created a breakthrough innovation in circular sawmill arbors and collars. 

We will do our personal best to reply to your questions and fill your orders as soon as possible.

Our goal is to ensure that your mill is operating at its full potential. 

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        Automation Process & Control

Red Line Laser
accuracut, saw monitor, band saw, woodmizer, hardwood, saw filing, Green Line Generator

Jeff Miller Inc. Lasers $420.00

Jeff Miller Inc. now offers red & green line lasers, These lasers come with 120 degree fan angle with mounting bracket and a 5V Transformer. If you need a 12V-DC transformer, there will be a drop down box after you hit the "buy now" button. These lasers come with a 30 day zero hassle guarantee. However, if you use our lasers with the 12V transformer attached, we DO NOT include warranty with these. Warranty is only included with the use of the 110AC/5V plug-in. These lasers are intended to be used in saw mills, but also can be used for ceramic tile cutting, stone, and other cutting operations. 


If you are interested in purchasing a laser, please use our PayPal "Buy Now" option or send a check to:


  Jeff Miller Inc.           PO Box 3

  White Pigeon, MI


green line laser, laser, saw mill, saw filing, band saw, saw blade deviation, accuracut, woodmizer AccuraCut Saw Monitor

Blade Deviation Detection System $6,500.00

Continuous real time feedback that will alert you saw mill operator immediately of situations like:

  • Excessive Feed Speeds
  • Guide Wear & Misalignment
  • Trash Build-Up on Wheels or Blades
  • Development of Cracks or Unexpected Dulling
  • Too Much or too Little Lead on Circular Blades



saw filer, band saw, saw mill, woodmizer, saw blade deviation, jeff miller inc. Edger Laser Line Guide

Edger Saw Line $1,750.00 FOB

Edger sawline guide. Tougher, heavier built, most rugged. Stay accurate & consistent longer.


Can come equipped with 1-4 movable trolleys and up to 20 stationary mounts. The base model is 4 feet long, but these may be custom ordered up to 10 feet long for an additional $100 per foot.

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Owner & President

Jeff Miller

Phone: (574)-370-5050


P.O. Box 3, Shipshewana, IN 46565


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