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AccuraCut - Jeff Miller, Inc.

Testimonial Reviews on our Deviator and Lasers.

Forks Lumber Co.

"After switching to AccuraCut's Blade Guide Dresser, we realized savings over our old system of maintaining our guides. The AccuraCut Blade Guide Dresser lasts 3x as long."


Steve 3/22/2017



Forks Lumber Co.

Middlebury, IN

Cledenin Lumber

"We cut a lot of White Oak, as the safety director, I like the fact that the deviator tells our sawyer when they are over-feeding our 12" boards. Each blade costs us $800, so every blade we keep from being wrecked saves us a lot of money."


Craig Loner


Safety Director

Cledenin Lumber

Greenwood, S.C.

Indiana Wood Products Inc.

"The Deviation Detector tells our sawyers instantly if the saw is running straight. They've been on our 56" headsaw and McDonough Line Bar Re-Saw for over 9 years. There's no telling how much mis-cut lumber they've saved us and that means more profit and happier customers."


Elroy Bontrager


Head Saw-filer

Indiana Wood Products

Middlebury, IN

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