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Deviation Detector Info & Benefits

Accuracut Deviation Detector- $10,500

  • 1 Controller/Display Unit
  • 1 Sensor Unit w/ Universal Mount
  • 30 ft. of Sensor Cable
  • 5 Year Warranty (We believe in what we sell!)

Extra Sensor Unit

  • To Replace Original Sensor Supplied With System - $650.00

These Deviation Detectors are very easy to install and they pay dividends year in and year out. We have had units in operation for over 25 years .The AccuraCut system very accurately monitors the position of the blade while cutting, and displays it to the operator through a series of very visible lights. A highly sensitivie specialized sensor is used to determine the position of the saw blade without contacting it. This information is processed by state of the art electronic control system, allowing adjustment of the sensitivity and centering as needed for your operation. The AccuraCut Deviation Detector works on circular saws as well as single and double cut bandsaws. 

With the knowledge of where the blade is in the cut path, the operator can now adjust the saw feed-speed to the maximum safe operating speed, while knowing that it won't be exceeded. This will help your sawmill avoid thick and thin lumber while also improving the productivity of the saw. Overall, it will improve your bottom line.

Your Saw has Something to Say.

Here is the Interpreter...

  • Saws should actually be hammered for correct tensioning at actual cutting RPM.
  • Most people hammer their saws based on motor rpm divided by pulley reduction ratio. A better way to accuractely hammer saws is to measure is to measure the actual saw rpm while cutting.
  • Current & useful information never gets old. 
  • Have AccuraCut installed in you saw mill to reduce total kerf.
  • If you are cutting 100,000 board feet weekly, reducing total kerf by 1/16" will increase yield by 4,544 board feet per week (even more without burying any extra stumpage).
  • "If you don't measure it, you can't control it."
  • What would you do with an extra $4,000 a week?


The AccuraCut Deviation Detector Measures:

  • Sideways Movement (Reduces Total Kerf)

Detector Details:


Our monitor, which can measure deviations as small as a thousandth of an inch, uses a proximity sensor, a controller display unit, and a data cable that connects the two together, indicating deviation and sometimes vibration when it actually occurs in the saw. The real-time aspect of the process discourages unplanned downtime. You don't have to wait until you get downstream and measure the lumber at the grading station to see that you have a problem. With an AccuraCut Deviation Detector, you can see it while it's happening. That's the real-time aspect of the process. 

Considering a Deviation Detector?


The detectors can serve in a teaching capacity for first time operators. If you've got a new guy in the sawyers cab, it helps him know how much wood he can push through. It also helps him understand tolerances. The AccuraCut Deviation Detector provides real-time feedback from the proximity sensor with a visual display, indicating varying degrees of deflection. The display box is set in the operators line of sight and contains a series of lightbulbs: green lights indicate a safe range, yellow lights warn of deviation out of good operating range, and red lights indicate deviation beyond acceptable tolerances. Many industry experts say monitors like the deviation detector give operators and filers insight on saw behavior, as well as assuring the correct operation of the equipment.

Every operation, even the most sophisticated sawmill equipment with the best employees, will produce less than the best lumber as the day goes on.


The AccuraCut Deviation Detector often has a payback in less than 3 months. A system of lights on the display box indicates the saws behavior; a safe operating range is reflected by three green lights in the center of the display. A slight deviation is reflected by two yellow lights, which may also indicate the blade is getting dull. Red lights and the sound of an alarm will go off to alert the operator of an unsafe deviation. It lets you know exactly how fast you can travel through the cut without getting stopped for speeding. On the other hand, if you're traveling 45 mph and the conditions are such that you could've been traveling 55 mph, the deviator will let you know that you are well within limits. (Go ahead, go faster!)


With only 2-4 hours of installation time, our AccuraCut Deviation Detector can be purchased for $7,500. This comes complete with controller/display module, sensor unit, cabling, and operates from a standard 110V outlet. It offers an adjustable setting for sensitivity and allows remote centering of signal for display. We are selling one of the lower-priced units on the market. It is our belief that the maximum benefit is obtained from Deviation Detection units when they are rugged, simple to install, intuitive to operate, and inexpensive enough to use in every saw mill. The AccuraCut Deviation Detector can help sort out problems with guide wear or set work performance. It can help determine proper feed speeds and aid in calculating the optimum time between each blade sharpening. Most importantly, the AccuraCut Deviation Detector allows the sawyer to push the equipment to the limit in pursuit of maximum production with full confidence that they are not exceeding the capability of the blade. 

Purchasing Information:

Accuracut Deviation Detector- $10,500

  • 1 Controller/Display Unit
  • 1 Sensor Unit w/ Universal Mount
  • 30 ft. of Sensor Cable
  • 5 Year Warranty (We believe in what we sell!)

Optional Accessories:

Extra Sensor Unit

  • To Replace Original Sensor Supplied With System - $650.00




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